Ask Moore – Himself Speaks, Courtesy of Candida’s Musings.

Ask Moore

via Ask Moore.

Is he an evil genius like Whedon, who I remain convinced hated us all? Or is he as he appeared to be as the creator of BSG? A Benevolent, but sometimes harsh, dictator? 😉


2 thoughts on “Ask Moore – Himself Speaks, Courtesy of Candida’s Musings.

  1. IMO, he’s a lot more the benevolent ruler than Joss’ evil genius. I think maybe the difference is in that Joss wrote from scratch so he could go from sweet to batshit in the same ep and if the fans bitched well he just tuned it out for the most part. The Internet was still in its infancy in the Buffy heyday, so he didn’t really get blasted immediately and loudly from the fans. Ron has well-known and well-loved source material that he seems to want to respect (or face the wrath of DG’s legion of fans), but he’s willing to stretch that material until it rips. So far, I think he’s doing a fantastic job. Have I been thrilled with everything? No. But I can see the reasons behind it. As he said in a tweet – there’s still time for him to F-up our favorite book. He’s got 10 eps to go before it’s over for the season and there is a lot of emotional and physical stuff coming up that he has to get right.

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    • Wheeedonnnnnn…. (Do you know Sheldon Cooper from Big Ban Theory? He used to HAAATE Will Wheaton from Star Trek TNG, and said his name like, WHHHHEEEEEEEAAAAATONNNNNN! in a growl. Picture me saying Whedon’s name like that.) I still think he did shit to piss certain fan groups off because he hated getting pressured to do things he didn’t want to. Not just us (B/A shippers) either. I got no time for that shit. Which could totally be a paranoid creation of my imagination. *G*

      You’re right about original vs. adapted material though. RDM is walking a tightrope with Outlander, and he can fall pretty easily if he messes up the wrong thing. So far, I’ve adored the things they’ve expanded… it’s the things they’ve shrunk — so to speak — that make me squint at them in anxiety.

      I’m on board, though. He’d have to make a pretty egregious Whedon style series of errors *coughSpikecough* before I’d just turn it off. I’m sort of OCD about shows and books like that.


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