Have we ever even seen Jamie with nice, clean hair before? LOL

It’s funny, we all love Jamie so much, but… you know he probably STANKITY STANK, right? I mean, a clean man might have a nice musk even without deodorant, but… a dude who’s been sweating it up? YURK.

Of course, Claire has been in a war, and is European (from what I understand! No offense!), where natural smells aren’t viewed in such a hyper-avoidant light, so she doesn’t mind. She even likes his funk. We Americans are SO SPOILED and WEIRD with our cleanliness, we’d probably just drop dead immediately in the 18th century.

So from our viewpoint as readers/viewers, JAMMF can stink all he wants and we STILL WANT TO HAVE OUR WAY WITH HIM.


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