Awesome! I Love Gatherings! I’d Love to Go to One in Scotland! :D Also, John Oliver Explains the #IndyRef Scotland Vote!

I love the torches in the dark, and thinking of it in Inverness? Awesome.

Next, we have John Oliver from The Daily Show explain Scottish Independence. In a very amusing way, imo.

Heh. “Ah yes, nothing screams Scottish freedom quite like a millionaire Australian anti-Semite on horseback!” Which, HA, because I loathe Gibson now, and *sad* because once upon a time, Braveheart was my very favorite movie. *sigh*

Heh. But the true story of William Wallace is still worth knowing. I mean, you know, if you care about Scottish history beyond what’s in Outlander, which some people don’t and THAT’S OKAY TOO, because it’s very rich and I never would have gotten as deep into studying Scotland if it hadn’t been for these stories.

DAMMIT! I should be working on this freelance piece due first thing tomorro, but I can’t seem to click off the FUN internet stuff. Watch, I’ll be up all night trying to finish.



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