Killing Time Until My… Er… I mean JAMIE AND CLAIRE’S #OutlanderWedding on Saturday!

Go, Scotland, Go! Means "Scotland Forever" in Gaelic.

Go, Scotland, Go! Means “Scotland Forever” in Gaelic.

Much excitement in the land of my ancestors! Whatever way the vote goes, Scotland will never be the same. My rebel heart is shouting YES! (Must come from being raised on stories of fighting for freedom… and maybe being an American, whose history also includes a nation waging war to pull out from under the boot heel of the British Empire.)

BUT ANYWAY. Enough politics — let’s SQUEE LIKE FANGIRLS!

by the awesome ladies at

by the awesome ladies at

There is SO MUCH fan art, so many vids, so much general hysteria going on around this ep… I swear I’ll have a total breakdown before Saturday night. And I generally have to watch very late due to… assorted boring things that nobody cares about. LOL. The adorable previews have everyone in a tizzy (SWEET MURTAGH! AWWWWW! Ned Gowan laying… ehem… down the law about consummation! And that laugh at the end of the full preview — “Tell me about your family!” *snort*),

The wedding invite sent out by Starz and forwarded to EVERY FAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!




Oh, my friends, Je Suis SO Prest!


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