Professional #Poutlandering, and Not Even From Me.

Look, I get nitpicky sometimes — that’s why I started this blog. My Facebook Group has a strict NO CRITICISM policy, and I think it’s LAME to whine on Twitter just because you’re hoping the show/movie/book creators will miraculously see your post among millions and say, “Oh my GOD! WHAT HAVE WE DONE! WE MUST FIRST LASH OURSELVES AND THEN GO OUT AND FIX IT IMMEDIATELY!”

I complained about the cost of the ring — $250 bucks is like, almost three weeks worth of food! I am a Geek who likes her merchandising realisitic, so I would love to have both the original book ring AND the show ring (especially since Terry Dresbach admitted what it was the key TO. I adore that symbolism: Claire is Jamies heart, his home, and this very poignant metaphor they’ve chosen really means something. It makes my heart hurt, and Billy Joel’s “You’re My Home” keeps running through my head.)


So… I’m kind of pleased with this change. It’s also a lot rougher than the delicate thistle ring, which is sort of Jamie, if you ask me. The whole ring is Jamie, and he’s wrapped around Claire’s finger — MORE SYMBOLISM!!! I like it more as I think about it.

But if Social Media is any indication, I AM THE ONLY ONE. You would not BELIEVE THE COMPLAINING. And I’m not talking, “Aw, I was hoping for the thistle ring.” I’m talking, “OMG I’M GONNA DIE *SOBSOBSOB* I’M NEVER WATCHING THIS AGAIN!” Level whinging. (I am being hypocritical to some level here, as in fandoms past, I have sometimes behaved like this. But that was then, this is now, and I’ve learned, if you hate it THAT much, stop watching. But don’t because we need the ratings.)

I just can’t keep looking at my Twitter or some of the FB groups I belong to. It’s a CONSTANT stream of complaining. And then people complaining about the complaining (which I have politely taken off to my little blog, which while not private, is not screaming at thousands of people in social media).

STOP IT. SHUT UP. YES, WE HEAR YOU. So does Herself, the cast and crew. Way to treat them for all of their hard work. You won’t change anything, but do you know what will happen? They will DISAPPEAR from conversation with the public in less than pre-arranged press events. You will NOT see them talk to you on Twitter, or FB, if all they get is SHITE thrown in their faces from people who call themselves “fans”.

Ugh, I had no idea I was so annoyed by this. Look, opinions are like assholes: everybody has one. But can you not lighten up a little bit? Can you not have some faith that with Diana involved, this story will not be butchered? That RDM is an amazing storyteller, and if we hang on for the ride, we might get something wonderful?

I’m so tired already. I should have known better — this crap always happens, in every fandom I’ve ever experienced. Infighting, complaints, bullying. It makes me want to curl back up in my little corner of fandom and close my eyes to the rest.

Ah. So, now I’ve done my complaining, and I feel better. Excellent.

I love Outlander, bits left out, and bits stuffed in, and all. I love my books. I love my show. I have momentary twinges of concern and nerves, afraid just like anyone else of what this manifestation of my all time favorite love story will bring. But in the end, even if a friend has to drag me back to sense, I know that what we get will be lovely and wonderful in its own right, just like “The Wedding.”


Now feel free to throw things at me. And remember, I’m not talking about people who have criticisms about the show, I’m talking about people who are FREAKING OUT about changes in the show from the books. Among other things. And repeat them over and over and over and over and over and over.

Okay, I’m going to listen to Red Reddington now, because his is the Sound of Awesome.


3 thoughts on “Professional #Poutlandering, and Not Even From Me.

  1. Word. I agree with everything you said. The whining is getting tedious and we will be seeing less of Graham, Grant, Lotte and especially Sam and Cait if this keeps up. Why would they subject themselves to that type of crap? They have enough going on. Cait is already having health issues from the stress of working on the show – dealing with a bunch of people bitching and moaning over a ring is not on her to-do list, I’m sure. And if all this bitching keeps up, people need to look out because Diana Gabaldon is not one to take a bunch of shit lying down. She’s a consultant on the show. And she adores Sam & Cait AND Ron and shit will get real if she feels they are being disrespected.

    I love the show. Do I miss some key scenes or dialog? Sure. But this is an adaptation – in fact an EXCELLENT adaptation (and I think people take that for granted because with the wrong showrunner or cast it could have been a disaster of EPIC proportions [see the adaptation/movie of Janet Evanovich’s “One For The Money” as an example].

    I think where the fandom is leaving the sanity track about this ring is that there is a very nice interlocking thistle ring that has been marketed for years as “THE” Outlander ring and it’s really popular. People may feel that the ring they bought (used as a wedding ring, etc) is no longer valid because Ron made an executive decision (see that pesky executive producer title does come with an occasional perk) to go a different way with the ring. In the book, Jamie goes to the Leoch blacksmith and buys one he has handy. Yes, it’s inscribed which plays out later, but really there’s nothing else meaningful about it. The show ring has some significance to Jamie that will be revealed later. And that’s great. People need to separate the books from the show. Two different mediums – two different people in control of two separate trains. We trust Diana to give us an amazing story – let’s trust Ron Moore too. He is an Outlander book fan – but he’s also a storyteller and he knows what he’s doing.

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    • YES. To everything. I didn’t know Cait was sick. I hope she gets lots of rest… and dear gods DOESN’T QUIT. But of course her health is more important, and I mean that.

      You know how I get sometimes, especially when it comes to characterization… and maybe scarlet tartan. (BUT OMG THEY WERE BOTH SO PRETTY I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THAT!) But… I swear it’s grown to a ROAR. I wish there was a way to contact the cast and crew (besides Twitter) and tell them that there are thousands upon thousands of us who may not shriek as loud, but who feel that the show is doing an amazing job, the cast and crew giving us more than we ever could have hoped for. I want Herself to know how grateful most of us are for her talent and generosity. I want them to know that WE ARE NOT ALL PROFESSIONAL POUTLANDERS.

      I agree completely with your adaptation thoughts. I’m sure I could find other examples, if I wanted to take the time. There are many, especially on TV. For every Lord of the Rings, there is a Great Gatsby on the big screen. This is a GREAT TV show in its own right, and the way it expresses the spirit of my beloved books and characters is simply wonderful.

      I’m actually in love with the symbolism of the Jamie’s Key Ring (not ring for keys. LOL) more and more every time I think about it, and I’d almost like to smack a bitch on the people whining about it. I’m even over the price thing, considering they’re hand made by the same smith who made the one for the show. OMG BE STILL MY GEEK HEART! But $250 is just too steep for me.

      I still wear my old cheap ass claddaugh ripoff from B/A, and that cost me a whole $15. I’m surprised my finger hasn’t rotted off by now. I have hope that we will see a similar rip off of the RING MADE OF KEY someday.

      I actually trust Ron more than I ever trusted WHEEEEDONNNNN! Actually, I never really trusted Whedon, because he’s a sadist bastard in the vein of BJR. At least Ron explains himself, or assures us, “All in its good time.”

      Joss would be all, “Get over yourselves and watch, because it’s my fucking sandbox and I’ll shit in it if I want even if it doesn’t make any freaking sense.” Not that I’m bitter or anything. *G*


  2. I thank you both, Hope and Heather, for your comments about the changes, for example the ring. In the beginning I had problems with the changes they made in the series but some day I saw it similar like Hope described it: The books and the show are two different masterpieces. They are both true art and each one in its own special way. There are now two different ways of accompanying Claire and Jamie during their life – could we wish for more?
    I know it’s not easy to accept changes when you’ve made your picture of a story and characters for years. And sometimes it’s still even a challenge for me. But it’s worth the try. And why always focusing on the things which aren’t perfect (in our opinion)? Why not appreciating instead all the wonderful things brought to life through the show? I don’t mean we shouldn’t be able to critisize the show. This has to be possible and honestly I’m sure the producers know that it can cause problems and irritation if they change the books in some cases. And there are changes I don’t understand and don’t think as necessary or nice and which I therefore don’t like. But if we always only focus on the few things we don’t like we miss all the wonderful and gorgeous things which exist as well. The problem is: The more you focus on negative things the more you see. Or the more important they become. It would be way more beneficial for both the Outlander-Team and us to focus on the positive things to let them become more and more important.
    If we’re openminded we might even realize that one or other change might be as great as the original. Concerning the ring: First I was irritated by that change but the more I read on this blog about it the more I like it. I didn’t get the metaphor for Claire being Jamies home before and I am sooo thankful you wrote it down. Because I love it! I thought before about the key being the key to his heart and I still like this meaning but the home-metaphor is special for me since home is a crucial topic for me. I’m very curious now how the meaning of the ring will be presented in the series. And this is where I start to like changes they’ve made: They give us something new to wait for, something new to be curious about, something wonderful to look forward to. We still have the books and we can read them over and over again. No one can take them away from us. (Some fans seem to react as they were fearing this.) The show doesn’t take anything away, it gives us something new in addition, it is giving us more than we could expect. Isn’t this totally wonderful? I think so, now, thanks to you! 🙂

    I didn’t know either, Cait has these health problems. (Honestly it’s none of our business but I feel for her nonetheless.) I know how stress can influence your health very badly and I’m actually glad for her she has this break now. I hope she can fully recover, get some rest and relaxation and doesn’t have to work during the break. I hope, she’s better soon. Health is more important than anything else, I truly know that.


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