BAAAAAD NEWS FOR 2015 Scheduling for #Outlander @Starz Proves Themselves Clueless What to Do with a Popular TV Show.

Before the news that no one really cares about, the really REALLY bad news. Just how long hiatus will be.

Now, let me begin by saying that this is not a hiatus BETWEEN FULL SEASONS, this is the break between HALVES of a SINGLE season. I cannot thing of a better way for STARZ to waste the momentum that the buzz about this show has created so far. A BIG chunk of the audience who came in for casual viewing is going to forget, or lose track of where it is on the schedule. I have done this — not for shows I’m INSANE about, of course, but for shows that I stumbled on that I was like, “Oh, this is pretty awesome. I think I’ll keep watching this.” Then I’ll run into it halfway through the next season, or in reruns after it’s cancelled, or when it comes up on Netflix, and go, “Huh. I forgot about this show. Shame it got cancelled. It was pretty good.”

A SIX MONTH HIATUS BETWEEN *PARTS* OF A SEASON? Is just not going to fly. April 4, 2015 is what I saw on Twitter today. Who’s dumbass idea was that? I hope RDM had a frickin hissy fit, because that is just HARPOONING his baby. Not to mention the fact that fandom could very well EAT ITSELF in six months. I just… I’m an old TV Geek vet, and I’m seriously stunned! I can’t even guarantee that I will come back in SIX MONTHS. No matter how much I love this show.

And to leave it for six months ON A CLIFFHANGER? FUCK YOU, STARZ. Seriously.

STARZ is obviously run by a large room full of morons. Are we sure they weren’t already bought by Fox?

Ugh. I am so completely just… furious. I have to leave off any sort of fan activity for the day.

And in now completely irrelevant news….
Outlander Community

(Note: Written BEFORE the horrific hiatus news)

I’m… not any more internet famous than I was five minutes ago! 😀 But hey, I was featured on the Outlander Community page, thus confirming my place in the… oh, never mind. It’s silly.

And just to get some Gaelic in there, while making you want to faint at the same time, I share this:

Yes, you CAN sit and listen to that all day. I know I could. Makes me want to practice my Gaelic. I’d hire Sam as a tutor anyday, although I ADORE Adhamh!

Excuse me now, while I go faint. Or break things. I actually feel sick to my stomach. Although, that could be the Kraft macaroni & cheese I had for lunch, but the spike in my blood pressure certainly doesn’t help.


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