Oh, #Outlander, How You Eat My Days… #KillingTime Wedding Recap

Wow, that could sound really dirty to a perv like me.

So I started an all eps marathon which I will hopefully be able to finish today, but there are premieres on tonight, and I don’t want to miss those either. Of course, if it comes down to a REAL choice, everything else loses. Except Bones, because it’s the last year. Even though I haven’t watch the last few seasons.

ANYHOO. Mah, how I do go on. /Scarlett O’Hara voice

I just finished reading Killing Time’s AWESOME screen cap & commentary of THE WEDDING. These are one of my favorite recaps, just because of her commentary on the pics. I think I hurt myself laughing, and yet you know she loves the material. Actually, all of my favorite recaps and commentaries are like that. But Connie makes me LOL a LOT. Heh. LOL a LOT. Try typing that ten times past.

Can’t recommend this recap enough. WARNING: Avoid drinking liquids near your computer while reading.

(c) Killing Time – http://atom1cflea.tumblr.com/

Seriously. My gut hurts. I think I pulled something. She’s not done yet, so I’m waiting here for part three. *FANGIRLS!*

I don’t even think I’m going to do the blow by blow commentary I planned — why, when there are so many great ones out there that already say exactly what I would, and better? With pictures?

Am I the only one who, for the first time since the series started, actually DREADS Saturday? I mean, it looks like a great episode, but THEN IS HIATUS and I fear what fandom can devolve into when they’re bored.

Okay, actually going to put some footwork in on outlining and characters for my new novel. /pretentiousness


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