Sooo…First NON-#Outlander Saturday. Is this where we start getting a life or something?

Bah. Life.

by me

by me — it says “I am not ready” at the top.

How about a whiskey or whiskey drink a week until Jamie and Claire come back to us? This week, because it’s me, we’ve got Drambuie, in the rare, coveted Jacobite Collection I have long dreamed of. It’s right up there with a country home in the Scottish Highlands on my Things I Will Possess When I am Rich:

From the House of Drambuie Website:

house-jacobiteJacobite Collection

The Jacobite Collection is the rarest and most valuable member of the House of Drambuie. Only 150 presentation boxes have been released. The collection contains a hand-blown crystal decanter, which holds the rare blend of precious 45-year-old whiskies, infused with Drambuie’s secret recipe of herbs and spices, every detail of the design has been created to capture the craft and heritage at the heart of Drambuie.

The solid wood presentation box contains a hand-etched crystal replica of a Spottiswoode Amen glass, with a second large crystal stopper for the decanter. A letter-pressed hand-bound 32-page leather booklet, drafted by whisky writer Ian Buxton, tells the story of the Jacobite rebellion, Drambuie, its antique Jacobite glass collection and the details behind the Collection.

The teardrop lead crystal decanter takes inspiration from a mid-18th century design, with the engraving of the crown motif and intricate decorative scrollwork.

The product contains notes of vanilla, green apples and cut grass, blended with sweet honey and herbal notes, with suggestions of toffee, liquorice, fennel and cardamom. The result is a complex, sophisticated and multi-layered, before a light oaky finish with a gentle herbal glow.

Come on, how freaking GORGEOUS is that? YUM! Let’s get Sassenach Wasted! Or Clairenibriated. Or Beauchamp-Blasted. Or Fraser-Fucked… erm, although I think that may be evocative of rather other pleasant passtimes.


By Playmelikeacello@tumblr

By Playmelikeacello@tumblr


What are you doing to ease the pain today, besides drinking? I am:

1. Working on my writing

2. Catching up on some shows I missed on On Demand

3. Reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I’ll be discussing the books more shortly, I’m sure. I may even start reading them again when Alastair over at Story Wonk starts his Outlander Seminar, as he is reading the book for the first time, and I can’t wait to hear his smarty literary thoughts about it!

4. I MAY, after I finish a quick freelance piece today, have a great deal more to say/complain about Frank, and I may even include a post I read from many moons ago laid down by Herself… herself. Depends on my mood, because I GROW WEARY OF FRANK DISCUSSION. Fandom, leave it. Seriously. It’s starting to feel like insane Spike love and while you may not know how I feel about that, I can tell you it’s not good.

SO! While I must leave you right now so I can work, you may see me later. Feel free to sob, drink, whine, or try to cheer me up in the comments below, on my Facebook, or on Twitter.


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