No Outlander Sunday Number 2. *sigh* #Outlander #NoOutlander #Hellatus #Outlander Hellatus

You simply must check out our cuties Sam and Caitriona talking about how they’re adjusting to being noticed in the U.S., and the way they watched THE WEDDING OMG! I’ve decided I’m going to call it that from now on.

While I’ve been procrastinating working, I have also been perusing the virtual TREASURE TROVE of Outlander and Scotland related information over at Outlandish Observations. It’s AMAZING the amount of information she has about the books and the country over there — it’s pretty much an encyclopedia of anything ever referenced in the books, and more! If you look on the left column, you’ll find a list of events in the books that happen during the current month — SO COOL!

I MUST try these drinks from Outlander Kitchen for Thanksgiving and/or Yule and/or Hogmany: Highland Coffees! Yum!


Oh my GODS, fandom, I leave you alone for a couple of days, and you explode over the silliest things! Yes, the pic of Sam swimming and having fun in a pool somewhere in LA is very hot… But I really do NOT understand the freakout. These are the “topics” I’ve seen meltdowns over:

1.) Some people seem to be deluded into believing Sam and Cait are “together” in real life. Well, if that is true, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. And it is DEFINITELY not a reason to freak out and accuse a man you don’t know of CHEATING on his co-star. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?


2.) Others are EXTREMELY upset over… and I think I got this right from the gist of the conversation, that Sam is “theirs” or “ours” as a fandom, and they’re deluded into believing he should somehow be a monk if he’s not with them/us? IDEK with this one, it’s so fucking batshit.

Batshit - Threat Levels

That’s pretty much fandom, all right. You can see more and more how the stars start getting wary, withdrawing. More and more of the guano is hurled at them, and less of the respectful, SANE praise for their work, you’re not going to see them be so friendly and generous anymore, just to protect themselves. It really pisses me off.

And now it’s time for…

claire's whiskey of the day


This stuff looks like Jamie could have drank it.

This stuff looks like Jamie could have drank it.

So what do we get bombed on while we lament the lack of our favorite show today? Another of Sam’s favorites, Laphroaig. From their homepage:

“Like the islanders, Laphroaig may seem a little aloof at first, but make the effort, broach acquaintance and we can guarantee you’ll have a warm and genuine friend for life. Take it neat or with a splash of soft water. Roll it around on your tongue. Release the pungent, earthy aroma of the blue peat smoke, the sweet nuttiness of the barley and the delicate, heathery perfume of Islay’s streams.

The award-winning family of Laphroaig Whiskies ranges from the rich, pungent 10 Year Old to the smooth and exceptionally rare 40 Year Old. But whatever Laphroaig you choose, you can sense 200 years of loving care distilled into every bottle.”

A very cool vid about the process of crafting Laphroaig.

And that, ladies and gents, is that for me tonight! Oidhche mhath! (Good night!)


4 thoughts on “No Outlander Sunday Number 2. *sigh* #Outlander #NoOutlander #Hellatus #Outlander Hellatus

  1. A to the men, Batgirl regarding some of these bat$hit crazy fans! Maybe this ‘long’ hiatus (yeah, try waiting YEARS between books for those fans who haven’t just jumped on the Outlander bandwagon) is the thing needed to separate the devoted, respectful fan from the “You have got to be kidding me!” hormones run amok fan. And before anyone jumps on that comment…my hormones are just fine, thank ye…I admit to viewing Ep7 multiple times.*g* Sam Heughan was born to play Jamie Fraser, but he’s still Sam Heughan. Give the guy some respect and space.


    • Ain’t enough ‘word’ in the universe to agree with you, obviously. I really just have never understood people somehow deciding that an actor is just as much fair game as the role they play for unbridled adoration. Seriously — he is adorable, a great actor, and gives us the gift of his talent bringing our favorite character to life, but as you said, he is a HUMAN BEING. A STRANGER to these people. Just because he, say, answers your Twitter or something, does not mean you KNOW him. (Not you-you, the collective you, obviously.) I mean, are they all young girls brought up on the Twilight actors and just don’t know any better? I just don’t understand it! And I have a really hard time not screaming about it constantly.


    • It drives me CRAZY to see how some fans step over that line from “admirer of work and role” to “OMG SAM IS TOTALLY MINE!” sort of behavior. I always imagine how the things people say would effect these wonderful PEOPLE who work so hard to entertain us. How would I feel if it was my son or daughter, my brother or sister, or that of a friend? It would be at the least embarrassing, and at the worst, downright frightening.

      The lack of boundaries these days makes me very nervous. Look, I think Sam is adorable. He seems very charming and admirable in his public persona — but that’s what it is, the persona of a person that NONE of us know personally! What happens behind that persona is none of our business. There is so much to love onscreen, why would we want to punish the actors for doing a great job? I don’t know, I’ve never gotten it.

      I was a fan of Buffy way back when, and sadly, the behavior wasn’t much different toward the actors on that show. I used to have a posting board, and I outright banned the discussion of or gossip about the actors’ private lives. Because they’re PRIVATE.

      Sorry, I could go on about this topic all day! 😀


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