People’s Choice Awards Giveaways

Let’s rack up Peoples’ Choice Awards for our beloved show! Not only tips from Outlander Ambassador, but giveaways, too! 😀

Outlander Ambassadors


We all know that Outlander deserves every award out there (and some that haven’t been invented yet), but the People’s Choice Awards give us the opportunity to make it happen.

This is a big task. Most of the shows which have won have fan bases 10-20 times the size of Outlander’s. Fortunately, few of them have fan bases as dedicated (or as benignly nutty) as ours. To encourage Outlander fans to vote often and repeatedly, Outlander Ambassadors, Sandie Russo of Knitzy Blonde and an anonymous donor are offering prizes for those who help Outlander get recognized (often and repeatedly) in these awards.

When the nomination ballot is announced on October 21, we expect Outlander and its cast to appear among the 10-15 choices in a number of categories. Every time you vote for Outlander (or cast members) in ALL of the categories in which it appears, you will receive…

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