Welcome to the Outlander Dreams Blog Party!


A gathering across Blogland in honor of Jamie & Claire Fraser, and the amazing Outlander Experience. Also to help stave off the HORRIBLE HIATUS blues. Happy Samhain! I had already finished this before the date and theme changed, so I’m just leaving it as is.

Thank you to The Outlander Blog Community for sponsoring this fun event!

I don’t have much skill for arts & crafts, So I thought I would throw Jamie and Claire a DREAM wedding party — since all they had were some Highlanders, a hoor, and a few villagers in attendance. And frankly, no home but each other for gifts yet.

Our first picture, I think, should be Lallybroch:


Imagine Laird and Lady Lallybroch were able to marry in Broch Mordha, in a church like this one, maybe:

cromarty church

And afterward, everyone could retire to Lallybroch, under the tender care of Jenny and Ian!


And since we’re having an Outlander DREAMS Blog Party, I do hearby declare Brian “Brian Dubh” Fraser STILL ALIVE, and here to party down to celebrate the nuptials of his beloved son!


Yay! I could go so far as to bring Ellen back, but… that sort of cheapens the gift of the pearls, and we don’t want to do that.


We would, of course, have a traditional wedding feast: How about Gateau of Haggis with neeps and tatties in whisky mustard sauce. Basically sheep gut, mashed potatoes, and turnips all tarted up in whisky and mustard.


Sounds gross to me, too. (Of Scottish heritage or no, lover of Scottish culture or not, A SHEEP’S STOMACH WILL NEVER PASS THESE LIPS.)  How about Quail Scotch Eggs?


There’d be a cake and other sweets, of course, and more food besides, whatever the farm had to hand in the season. And don’t forget, this is a Claire Beauchamp wedding, so there is TONS of whisky and whatever wine and other liquors, ales, and liquors are available.

Mostly whisky.


So the party’s rocking with bodhrans and fiddles, singers and pipers. The whiskey is flowing, and Claire is Sassenach-wasted. Let’s give them some gifts!

A bodhran

A bodhran



Small pipes -- smaller bagpipes more suitable for indoors

Small pipes — smaller bagpipes more suitable for indoors

Castle Leoch and the MacKenzie’s have their own Quaich, which Jamie DRAINED, yo, so why shouldn’t Lallybroch have a Fraser one of its very own, inscribed with the Laird and Lady’s names and date married?

And Claire needs a new Sgian Dubh, considering she left her last one buried in the kidney of a lobsterback deserter who tried to rape her and SO doesn’t want it back! Also with the Fraser crest! Man, I want one of these…


And maybe a treasure box for the couple to stash little mementos. Jamie can’t carry them ALL in his sporran!


There would probably be many other gifts: the wedding couple might give each other jewelry such as a belt buckle for Jamie, or something Claire made, if she could make anything. He might give her a brooch or another ring. Other guests could bring all kinds of things, from lace baby gowns to wool blankets and everything in between.

Finally, I found this fun game on Twitter, courtesy of Denise Sever-Fries (@denisesf5):

@deniseesf5So…. let’s see my results:

My Date: OMG The freaking Duke of Sandringham! LOL Well, at least I know we’ll just drink, laugh, and make fun of everybody’s clothes. I’m not exactly his type, ye ken.

Actually the Duke of Marlborough, but let's pretend.

Actually the Duke of Marlborough, but let’s pretend.

What gift did we bring to them? A matching pair of his and hers knitted towels!


Finally, what the Duke and I did after the wedding: Um… okay. We cooked a roast duck in orange sauce. Weel, I suppose we were all Clairenebriated, so… why not? It’s not like we were going to go do some bouncy bouncy in the barn.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my day and night at the Dream Jamie/Claire wedding… though I confess, the one we got was plenty wonderful.

Enjoy the rest of the BLOG PARTY! Let’s leave the happy couple alone with their, er… mmphmm.



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