Welcome to Heather’s Outlander Yammer!

I’m otherwise known as Heather Fowler over on Facebook, or H.A. Fowler (or A. Sangrey Black in my racier fiction) in my writing career. But when it comes to being a fannish freak, I am still solidly Ducks. Once upon a time, I belonged very deeply to Buffy/Angel fandom, dabbled in a few others over the years (still fangirl Supernatural and Leverage — RIP), but with the advent of the AMAZING new STARZ TV adaptation of my all time favorite book series, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (pronounced GA-bowl-downe), I feel right back down a rabbit hole I swore I’d stay far away from for the rest of my days!

Luckily, I am older, wiser, and have developed the skills to walk away from silly fandom arguments that end up ruining the overall experience of the show I once loved so much. I wish someone could develop an “Avoid” or “Ignore” button on Facebook, for example, I spend so much time scrolling past annoying, silly, and whingy posts. I even started my own group, which is STRICTLY restricted to positive discussion of show and books, just because all I want to do is SQUEEEEE most of the time, not listen to POUTLANDERS. Because seriously — this book series has been part of my life for over two decades, and seeing competent people bring it to the screen is more than exciting. Especially considering Herself is directly involved! The characters are family, and come storm or peace, I’m in it until the bitter end with them!

ANYhoo! I decided to start a blog (because I need another one) so I could talk about not only the Outlander universe, but all things Scotland, my exploration of my Scottish heritage, my adventures at Scottish festivals/games (which I got addicted to after my first attendance this summer), and my journey learning the Gaelic language. Which is… really hard. My old brain is total crust, ya’ll!

I have no idea what is going to end up here yet — podcast, list of things I loved, general Jamie drooling and Jamie/Claire sighing, pictures of Scottish sunsets and highland cattle. Not a clue. So for now, let’s just wing it!

Do bheatha glogaith! ( Approx: Welcome to the blog! Any corrections by fluent or native speakers always welcome!)



The tartan on the background of this blog is called “Scotland Forever,” a beautiful plaid anyone who loves Scotland can wear.

The bright red, blue, green & white tartan is Fraser of Lovat, JAMMF’s family plaid.

Also, a very important point to those who don’t know: JAMMF is James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser — our hero.

The bright blue, darker blue, and dark red tartan is one from my dad’s side of the family, the Elliots — cattle thieves extraordinaire!

Finally (for now), the white, blue, green and yellow tartan you might see around is from my mom’s side of the family, the Fergusons.



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