Welcome to the Outlander Dreams Blog Party!


A gathering across Blogland in honor of Jamie & Claire Fraser, and the amazing Outlander Experience. Also to help stave off the HORRIBLE HIATUS blues. Happy Samhain! I had already finished this before the date and theme changed, so I’m just leaving it as is.

Thank you to The Outlander Blog Community for sponsoring this fun event!

I don’t have much skill for arts & crafts, So I thought I would throw Jamie and Claire a DREAM wedding party — since all they had were some Highlanders, a hoor, and a few villagers in attendance. And frankly, no home but each other for gifts yet.

Our first picture, I think, should be Lallybroch:

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Vote for #Jamie and #Claire! #Outlander on IMDB!

our loversNow, I know this is a tough one for anybody who likes stories set in Scotland and/or starring Scots, but come on. JAMIE & CLAIRE! The greatest love story ever told (yeah, I went there. And I believe it, too!)

So tell the world that we love our favorite couple, and they are the best (even though Claire isn’t TECHNICALLY Scottish — she just has a little Scot in her. Heh. Dirty joke. *G*)

It’s a quick sign up, if you don’t already have an account — and you can use your FB if you want.

Yes, I KNOW Inebriation is spelled with an I, thanks!

Yes, I KNOW Inebriation is spelled with an I, thanks!

And in today’s whiskey, how about one of Sam’s favorites?


This, my friends, would be varied versions of Lagavulin. I wasn’t sure exactly WHICH one Sam liked, so I just posted a few. The 16 seems to be the most popular, from what I’ve seen. However, being the cheapskate that I am, I think I’ve only had the 12. The taste (of the 16) is described as follows by The Whiskey Exchange.

“The Islay representative in the ‘Classic Malts’ series is a deep, dry and exceptionally peaty bruiser. Probably the most pungent of all Islay malts, Lagavulin is not for the faint-hearted but inspires fanatical devotion in its many followers.”

I don’t really know about flavor beyond “good,” “yuck (I’m looking at you, gin),” and “I’m So Drunk I Don’t Care.” I somehow think that Scottish whisky (apparently I spell it wrong — when it’s crafted in Scotland, it should be whiskY, but when it’s made in the States, it’s whiskEy. Whatevs.) was WAY stronger in the 18th century, so while I’m sure quality still could vary, I don’t think Claire cared. Plus, there’s always the Rhenish. Or the Claret. Whatever’s around!

Another one I need to attribute -- anybody want to claim, or know who's it is?

(c) Killing Time aka atom1cflea@tumblr — HILARIOUS recaps!

Let’s see, how much time do we have left? I’m trying to put in a countdown clock on my blog just to depress myself every day, but WordPress is really difficult to add outside apps to. So, right now as I’m typing this, we’re looking at a desert of:

180 Days, 8 hours, and 29 minutes. Oy.

FRANK RAGE in #Outlander Land. Not mine, but WOW is it there! *Spoilers for the Books & Show*

This is what happens when you leave off in the middle of a season for SIX MONTHS.There is a new meltdown in fandom that rivals even Ring Gate. This one I may understand a little bit better, because I agree to some degree. I’m just not melting down about it because I suspect the reasons for it are solid, and it will be repaired later.


giphy (11)

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Oh, #Outlander, How You Eat My Days… #KillingTime Wedding Recap

Wow, that could sound really dirty to a perv like me.

So I started an all eps marathon which I will hopefully be able to finish today, but there are premieres on tonight, and I don’t want to miss those either. Of course, if it comes down to a REAL choice, everything else loses. Except Bones, because it’s the last year. Even though I haven’t watch the last few seasons.

ANYHOO. Mah, how I do go on. /Scarlett O’Hara voice

I just finished reading Killing Time’s AWESOME screen cap & commentary of THE WEDDING. These are one of my favorite recaps, just because of her commentary on the pics. I think I hurt myself laughing, and yet you know she loves the material. Actually, all of my favorite recaps and commentaries are like that. But Connie makes me LOL a LOT. Heh. LOL a LOT. Try typing that ten times past.

Can’t recommend this recap enough. WARNING: Avoid drinking liquids near your computer while reading.

(c) Killing Time –

Seriously. My gut hurts. I think I pulled something. She’s not done yet, so I’m waiting here for part three. *FANGIRLS!*

I don’t even think I’m going to do the blow by blow commentary I planned — why, when there are so many great ones out there that already say exactly what I would, and better? With pictures?

Am I the only one who, for the first time since the series started, actually DREADS Saturday? I mean, it looks like a great episode, but THEN IS HIATUS and I fear what fandom can devolve into when they’re bored.

Okay, actually going to put some footwork in on outlining and characters for my new novel. /pretentiousness

THE Episode! #OutlanderWedding *SPOILERS for Episode 107 The Wedding* VERY LONG!

THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING — THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! RIGHT NOW! JUST UNDER THIS! So if you are somehow trying to stay spoiler free and yet hanging out on the internet reading blog posts that say “Spoilers for The Wedding,” then… I got no time for you. 😉

Manipulation of gorgeous photo by me.

People, if you think I usually yammer, you are in for a seriously long read. Feel free to skim. Or, you know, check out my Twitter or OUTLANDER SQUEE Facebook Group (if you ask to join, I’ll approve you. It’s a very small group with a very small set of rules that basically boil down to DON’T BE A POUTLANDER — which is why I do my poutlandering here.). In fact, this will be only the first of at least TWO posts about the wedding. This sort of general thoughts one, and another when I do a blow by blow. Heh. Yeah, I stole my own title, what of it?

Anyway, I do go on, so grab a snack, a dram, and buckle in. I’ll tap you if you fall asleep.


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#OutlanderWedding OMG TODAY’S THE DAY! *freaks out like giant weirdo dork*

(Sorry about the giant picture, I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.)

Dudes and dudettes, it has been many moons since I was this much of a freak over a TV show. There’s so much going on (and has been for the past two days), I haven’t had a chance to capture any of it in blog form! You can check out my Twitter to see most of it. (Virtual bachelorette party for Claire? FUN!) It will probably be a day or two before I get a chance to gather my thoughts *coughgetthemoutoftheguttercough* and write a post about Episode 7.

DO NOT miss Tonight’s event! There will be nerves, the first sparks of true love, unflagging joy, and FINE ASSES. (Herself said that very thing about poor Sam — he must already be struggling to get to the wild attentions from legions of fangirls and boys of a certain persuasion lavish upon him. After tonight? He just has no idea. I just wish people would keep their perving to themselves and their fangroups, and NOT CC Sam every damn thing on Twitter. Seriously, it’s embarrassing.)

This couple have been my very favorite for over 20 years, and it began in earnest with this very chapter — the one (well, two-ish) we will see onscreen tonight. Allow me to quote, because I’m sure none of  you have it all memorized by now.

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A Verra Exciting Day in #Scotland! The #indyref Goes Down Today — All Ye Scots, Get Out and Vote!

It sort of makes me want to throw back my head and roar. Think I was maybe a rebel in another life? *G*

It sort of makes me want to throw back my head and roar. Think I was maybe a rebel in another life? *G*

Best of luck to my adored and admired #Outlander #YES gents: @heughan, @grahammctavish, @An_Comhghallach and @GrantORourke. May you finally get the Scotland you dream of.


I’m sure there will be more yammer later, but now I have to get ready for an appointment, and I doubt I’ll be thinking much about #Outlander today — I’m much more involved in the vote! I know, *gasp*, right? Well, the more I think about Outlander, the more I realize there are still TWO MORE FULL DAYS (and 3/4) until my Jamie & Claire’s wedding! Wow, you know, I’ve been waiting over 20 years to see this onscreen, you would think a couple more days wouldn’t be a prob, right?


“Unflagging joy,” people, UN-FREAKING-FLAGGING JOY. Oh, and did I mention that @writer_DG declared Sam @heughan ‘s ass “FINE?” So… that’s all I needed to know. Not that @caitrionabalfe doesn’t deserve her lovely lady props — hello!