Sooo…First NON-#Outlander Saturday. Is this where we start getting a life or something?

Bah. Life.

by me

by me — it says “I am not ready” at the top.

How about a whiskey or whiskey drink a week until Jamie and Claire come back to us? This week, because it’s me, we’ve got Drambuie, in the rare, coveted Jacobite Collection I have long dreamed of. It’s right up there with a country home in the Scottish Highlands on my Things I Will Possess When I am Rich:

From the House of Drambuie Website:

house-jacobiteJacobite Collection

The Jacobite Collection is the rarest and most valuable member of the House of Drambuie. Only 150 presentation boxes have been released. The collection contains a hand-blown crystal decanter, which holds the rare blend of precious 45-year-old whiskies, infused with Drambuie’s secret recipe of herbs and spices, every detail of the design has been created to capture the craft and heritage at the heart of Drambuie.

The solid wood presentation box contains a hand-etched crystal replica of a Spottiswoode Amen glass, with a second large crystal stopper for the decanter. A letter-pressed hand-bound 32-page leather booklet, drafted by whisky writer Ian Buxton, tells the story of the Jacobite rebellion, Drambuie, its antique Jacobite glass collection and the details behind the Collection.

The teardrop lead crystal decanter takes inspiration from a mid-18th century design, with the engraving of the crown motif and intricate decorative scrollwork.

The product contains notes of vanilla, green apples and cut grass, blended with sweet honey and herbal notes, with suggestions of toffee, liquorice, fennel and cardamom. The result is a complex, sophisticated and multi-layered, before a light oaky finish with a gentle herbal glow.

Come on, how freaking GORGEOUS is that? YUM! Let’s get Sassenach Wasted! Or Clairenibriated. Or Beauchamp-Blasted. Or Fraser-Fucked… erm, although I think that may be evocative of rather other pleasant passtimes.



Random Thought on a Busy Day #Outlander #corngrinding


“Roger was, of all things, singing now, if one could call it that. Or chanting, at least, the words to a very bawdy Scottish song, about a miller who is pestered by a young woman wanting him to grind her corn.”

Coincidence? LOL

Speaking of corn-grinding:


Wish I had time for more today. Hope everyone is well and haven’t completely drank themselves into Sassenachoblivion thinking THERE’S NO EPISODE SATURDAY.

ADDENDUM: Found it!

A pretty little maid so neat and gay,
To the mill she went one day,
A sack of corn she had to grind
But there no miller could she find

cho: Tiddy fol, tiddy fol tiddy fol le day
Rite fol lol lol tiddy fol le day!

Oh! at last the miller did come in,
And unto him she did begin:
“Come, grind my corn so quick- e- ly,
Around your stones my corn must fly. ”

“Come, sit you down, ” The miller did say,
“For I can’t grind your corn to-day;
My stones is high and my water’s low,
And I can’t grind for the mill won’t go. ”

So this couple sat down to chat,
They talk’d of this, they talk’d of that,
They talk’d of things which you do know,
And she soon found out that the mill would go.

“Oh! it’s now, I says, young miller-man,
You grinds all flour and no bran. ”
Then an easy up and an easy down –
She could hardly tell that her corn was ground.

“Now I think I will make my best way home
If my mother ask me why I’ve been so long,
I’ll say I’ve been ground by a score or more
But I’ve never been ground so well before”

FRANK RAGE in #Outlander Land. Not mine, but WOW is it there! *Spoilers for the Books & Show*

This is what happens when you leave off in the middle of a season for SIX MONTHS.There is a new meltdown in fandom that rivals even Ring Gate. This one I may understand a little bit better, because I agree to some degree. I’m just not melting down about it because I suspect the reasons for it are solid, and it will be repaired later.


giphy (11)

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A Slow Day in Hiatus Land… #Outlander #OutlanderHiatus #HORRIBLEHIATUS

First, I have to share this pic by the awesome @TribeTobias, because… yeah.

Bys1z9nCIAAIhmkShe needs to have a large bottle of something in her hand. For me, it’s Drambuie.

ckhovOkay, as I said, mine too.

Seriously, I just started A Breath of Snow and Ashes (ABoSA for the n00bs), and plan to read the final two main books, then the short stories that I missed, then the Lord John books. THEN I have a really ambitious reading plan that I may or may not pull off in six months, if I plan on writing as well.

I don’t know how much people who read this blog really care about the process of writing, but if you want to follow around, stop on by Bloodthirsty Muses.

AWESOME NEWS for our beloved Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe! Their IMDB popularity is through the ROOF! Sam is NUMBER TWO!!!



I feel all proud and proprietary, like they’re actual friends of mine or something! LOL I feel like they are — they are so open and generous with their time and dealing with the insanity that is fandom and sudden fame. I just love them so much, and I’ll keep hoping for all the success they could ever dream of… with a minimum of suffering.

I’ve always wondered… what role does IMDB play in the industry itself? I can’t imagine it’s like a resume or catalog where a casting director is just cruising around looking for a type or something, is it?

Anyhoo… dinner to eat, writing to do. Maybe more later, because I can never really stop fangirling, no matter how much I say I will or can.


It’s Saturday… #OutlanderDay… and I can’t even get excited. *sigh* The Stages of Hiatus Response


While my poutlandering is mostly over, I’ve now moved on to depression and pending starvation in the Stages of Outlander Interminable Hiatus Response (it’s a distant cousin to The Stages of Grief, to which I wrote an entire FANFIC back in the day because they’re so interesting.)

Anyway, the stages:

2. Flounce
3. Sob
4. Calmly Continue to Flip Out
5. Despondent Acceptance
6. Slightly Less Despondent Acceptance
7. Further Crying
8. Mixed Tape Creation
9. Random Fandom Activity
10. Move On for 6 months, with occasional (frequent) toe dips into fandom and much sobbing and drinking (see Claire getting Sassenachwasted — tm Outlandercast — above)

There should probably be “Threats” and “Cursing” in there, but that’s against STARZ, and they don’t care.

It is sad to me that this is the first episode of Outlander I’m not excited about, even though it looks to be a great one. And while it was originally part of my flounce threatening not to watch, I honestly don’t know if I will. Maybe I’ll save it until the cold, dark halfway point of the 20 year hiatus, and have a real marathon with a little kick. But I know I’m going to want to talk about it with all my brothers and sisters — if they still love me. I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!


Oh, who am I trying to kid? I’ll totally watch it, ’cause i have no self control. That’s why I make myself sick because I eat the whole pizza, cake, pie… you get the picture.

The previews look SO GOOD. I mean, more Frank, Jamie/Claire honeymoon, learning to fight, the dragonfly in amber. *sigh* But then, to be left BEREFT! It’s like >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILERS FOR THE BOOKS FOLLOW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Mea Maxima Culpa! #Poutlander Hissy Fits, Hypocrisy, and the Nature of Fan Madness


We don’t always do them in two posts concurrent to one another, however. I FLIPPED out yesterday when I found out the ridiculous wait between halves of a season. I’m still pissed and disappointed. It would be one thing to wait a year between seasons — I’m well used to that, as I watch other cable shows. But two halves of the same season is just excessive. Filming is done, and all that is left is post. I can’t imagine that taking more than three or four months, during which the cast and crew would get to rest. There is more to this than technical aspects that I may or may not fully understand — it reeks of network BS, and I HATE that shite. Getting screwed by networks is one of the BIG reasons I never bothered to really fangirl another show after the disaster of Buffy/Angel and the WB/UPN/CW. I wasn’t into Firefly first run, but there have been other shows over the years that have definitely been screwed by networks.

Honestly? I think Outlander is the first show I had any investment in that  I have watched first run for a long time. I have become a dedicated binge watcher, waiting until seasons are over to watch them. I’m looking at you, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, and Witches of East End, among others. I’m a reader, and as years go buy, I have decreasing patience for waiting until the next bit of the story.

I’m not embarrassed that I flipped out. Or flounced, or any of the other ugly fannish behavior I displayed. I was fan-hurt, and wanted some kind of reassurance, I suppose, from like-minded people. It was stupid, and childish, but there it is. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, and probably not the last, although I think this can be called “A reminder of the lesson you learned once already — DON’T FANGIRL.” My enthusiasm about Outlander is sort of diminished t this point, not to be (more) pouty. It’s just a fact. *shrug* I got  BJR warning shot in the gut yesterday, warning me what was coming if I didn’t back off.

I don’t know what the future will bring. I have a new novel to work on, two others to finish, and several short stories besides. That’s where my real focus should lie. I don’t know where I’ll be or how I’ll feel in April. But I guarantee 1. if I had known about this interminable hiatus when the show started, I WOULD have waited, and binge watched the whole season. I never planned to watch it to begin with, to be honest, due to my two decade concern about what an adaptation would bring, and 2. I can’t imagine still doing all the awesome hiatus activities I had planned for SIX months. I can’t even pay attention to my own writing for that long, I doubt I can hold onto excitement over a TV show, however much I loved it. I doubt I’ll even watch episode 8. There just doesn’t seem any point. I’m satisfied at the point where we left it — a much more comfortable “cliffhanger” for me than I’m sure they’ll cook up for the next.

Look, I can give all the excuses in a big, wordy box for flouncing. But the fact is, I’m spoiled, I appreciate my 1st World Problems over others I’ve had to deal with, and I’m free with my emotions. None of this reflects on Herself, the cast or crew (and people should really not be assholes and take it out on them. That’s lame.), it’s just a function of me and how I roll when I really dig something.

Above and beyond the announcement itself, the thing that REALLY pissed me off was the response of fandom toward people like me who were upset. WOW. I haven’t seen such disrespect in my life (yeah I have). It went far beyond just “I wish people would be positive,” or asking for explanations, or saying, “Aw, it sucks that you feel that way,” which I did get from a couple of actual fandom friends, it raced right into “SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!” and “People should feel THIS! OR THEY ARE STUPID!” Territory. WTF? How fucking rude is that? I mean, I’ve seen some nitpicky Poutlandering that just pushed me over the edge *cough Ring-gate cough* but this is a big deal for some people. And I don’t remember implying that people were whiny babies or stupid for being upset (over such a tiny detail which the creators explained satisfactorily imo). I just told them to shut up saying it over and over and over and OVER everywhere in public. So… hypocrisy on one level. I can’t put my opinions ABOVE those of others. Which is why I generally just move along and ignore fandom reactions that I don’t agree with. Another lesson re-learned.

I’ll take Poutlander as a label in this instance. Sure, it’s only fair. But cursing at me? Calling me names? Telling me OMG YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT THE NETWORK OR ELSE THEY’LL START SHOOTING PUPPIES! Look, STARZ is shooting itself (not puppies, as far as I know) in the foot, not me. And they had enough money to make the show in the first place. My cancellation of a $100/month entire cable tier is not going to put them out of business. That is a LOT of money for my family, and I DON’T watch anything else on the tier (it’s full of porn networks, stupid sports, and music. I like to pick my own dirty movies, thanks). WHY would I keep it? Seriously?

This is how fandom gets out of hand, unpleasant, and ruins people’s enjoyment of the source material. And yes, I am including myself in that equation. The people who drive you crazy REALLY drive you crazy. The things that upset you get in the way of being in love with the show. I know, I have BEEN HERE BEFORE. A show that I loved, that I lived and breathed for years. The fandom crap, the BS from creators (which, thankfully, we don’t see here in Outlander), the deteriorating characterizations and storylines… eventually, the whole thing just felt like a chore, and it was like losing a good friend. As a supporter of a particular couple/character, I was harrassed, threatened, and attacked online (people, I’m talking EMAIL THREATS. TOWARD MY FAMILY AND MY PERSON). I was heckled when I sat on a CON PANEL in real life. There are hurty feelings all these years later (WHEEEEEDONNNNN! *shakes fist*). I haven’t watched more than an episode of my once-favorite show for years. My flounce was a sort of expression of seeing that heartbreak coming, the response of fans confirmed it, and I was doubly upset realizing — here I was again. A dumb sucker who bought the Kool Aid (that’s kind of an offensive metaphor, if you know the story) for an exorbitant price, guzzled it down, drank some more, and had my ass unceremoniously beat down and my wallet stolen for my troubles.



This time, I can’t let myself get all anxious over a TV show. Honestly. I love it, it’s beautiful and a great adaptation of my all time favorite books, and Sam and Cait embody my favorite characters in ways I never imagined they could. But the fact is, it IS just a TV show. The books are the core of my love, and they are not going anywhere. They are not subject to the vagaries of networks, or the need for human beings to rest, recuperate, plan and prepare. (Which I do understand.) The books go as fast or slow as I desire. I can stop *here* or read all night. I decide the cliffhanger, or not. I like that control. I’m well used to waiting for Herself to craft the perfection of each story, and I don’t suppose that will change now.

I don’t know what that means. I will unflounce here, at least, and say I’m not stomping off in a huff, at least. I just have to do what I have to do, one way or the other. The ship will sail on, whether I’m on it or not. I mean… I’ll always be on the Ship, and I’m SURE I’ll be owning the DVD’s someday, or binge watching the season when it’s done. I just don’t know what I’ll do with the first run eps yet.


So, I take responsibility for the flailing, the pouting, the general hissy fit, I acknowledge my hypocrisy, but I apologize for none of it. I am who I am, and sometimes I act like a jerk. Sue me.


Made with my family’s tartan– Clan Eliot. The Skull and Crossbones is in honor of my mood, and my family’s heritage as MASTER border reivers– aka cattle thieves. They were even cursed by the church at one point, it got so bad. Follow the link to see.

Feel free to throw fruit, but not rotten bananas, because I have some of those I’m already debating on a purpose for. Thanks.