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Since When Has Friday Been This Depressing? #Outlander #NoOutlander #OutlanderHellatus

*Sigh* No casting news, no set news, no pictures from anyone’s vacation. *sigh*

But there are a few things:

Out beloved musical director, Bear McCreary, has posted about scoring The Way Out, The Gathering, and Rent. It’s really interesting stuff! I don’t know how much fans look beyond story and characters (or the hotness of actors) to look at all of the many layers of talent and technicality it takes to produce the show we love so much. Everything from Terry’s costumes, the lighting, the set design, and Bear’s music, gives the story richness, depth, and realism. This is a fascinating article about how Bear does his job.

Hey, did you know (I know I sure didn’t) that the waulking song Claire sings with the village ladies in Rent is called “Mo Nighean Donn?” Awesome! He said he put it in as an Easter Egg for fans who could recognize it.

And in other vaguely comforting fan news — Killing Time’s awesome 109 “Both Sides Now” photo screencap PART DEUX is up, and you know that’s a great way to perk up your day. Just set down your beverage before you start reading. Hee. “Wee herbs.” I was taking a break from re-watching for a while, but I’m already getting tempted to watch it again. Still considering just fast forwarding through the Frank bits. I got the narrative necessity, now I can just spare myself, right?

Then, Melanie Poloff gave us “20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser” — they mostly boil down to “He’s Scottish and Hot,” which seems perfectly reasonable to me.


Something wacky is going on with graphic uploads, so I can’t really do my whiskey of the day. Which SUCKS! But in lieu of this very important information, how about tips from expert Blair Bowman, founder of World Whisky Day on how to “properly” taste whisky? I think I said before that my whisky tasting is pretty much limited to “yummy,” “yucky,” and “too drunk to care.” But for a lot of connoisseurs, there IS an art to it. This article gives some basics. 

That’s probably it for today — I have a HUGE freelance project to do, and I REALLY need the money for various things: stuff to make holiday crafts, money for buying gifts, etc. And whether I like it or not, that means buckling down and concentrating, if I want to get these things done AND get my NaNo prep ready in time, I need to FOCUS. So not my natural state of being.

So, have a great day and stop by my Bloodthirsty Muses blog for more on the fictional side of things (and ongoing Halloween celebration!)