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I Am Sad That #Outlander Chatter Has Gone So Quiet. *sigh*

(I have no idea why this didn’t post yesterday, but… whatevs…)

I confess, I’m part of the radio… well, not complete silence, but mostly low static. We’ve all had to move on to other things, with only the occasional breakout of discussion, the posts of our favorite bloggers and podcasters who keep slogging along, and bits of news that either are re-posted, or leak out.

I still have that Frank post planned… I’m just not in a big hurry. Because… Frank.

Ooh, but here’s a cheerful note: Killing Time’s recap of Ep 108 (part 1) “Oh, There’s Frank” I mean, “Both Sides Now” is up!


Anyway, with that gut-wrenching laughter, on with the pouting.


(c) Someone Clever Who Is Not I

I honestly don’t know who to attribute this pic to, so if it’s yours, or if you know who made it, please let me know!

Today’s Coping Whiskey is: TIMOROUS BEASTIE! I was looking for the ones Sam Heughan had listed as his favorites, but now I can’t find the note I made. So I picked this, despite never having had it, because I LOVE THE NAME!

Sep14-TimorousBeastie2Timorous BeastieCome on, how can you resist getting Clairenebriated on such adorable whiskey?

The name is inspired by Robert Burns famous Scots poem ‘To a Mouse’. And because I am that bored, how about the poem?

It’s really kind of profound and depressing, for a poem about a mouse. And in broad Scots, so it may take some time to understand.

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Oh, #Outlander, How You Eat My Days… #KillingTime Wedding Recap

Wow, that could sound really dirty to a perv like me.

So I started an all eps marathon which I will hopefully be able to finish today, but there are premieres on tonight, and I don’t want to miss those either. Of course, if it comes down to a REAL choice, everything else loses. Except Bones, because it’s the last year. Even though I haven’t watch the last few seasons.

ANYHOO. Mah, how I do go on. /Scarlett O’Hara voice

I just finished reading Killing Time’s AWESOME screen cap & commentary of THE WEDDING. These are one of my favorite recaps, just because of her commentary on the pics. I think I hurt myself laughing, and yet you know she loves the material. Actually, all of my favorite recaps and commentaries are like that. But Connie makes me LOL a LOT. Heh. LOL a LOT. Try typing that ten times past.

Can’t recommend this recap enough. WARNING: Avoid drinking liquids near your computer while reading.

(c) Killing Time – http://atom1cflea.tumblr.com/

Seriously. My gut hurts. I think I pulled something. She’s not done yet, so I’m waiting here for part three. *FANGIRLS!*

I don’t even think I’m going to do the blow by blow commentary I planned — why, when there are so many great ones out there that already say exactly what I would, and better? With pictures?

Am I the only one who, for the first time since the series started, actually DREADS Saturday? I mean, it looks like a great episode, but THEN IS HIATUS and I fear what fandom can devolve into when they’re bored.

Okay, actually going to put some footwork in on outlining and characters for my new novel. /pretentiousness