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Vote for #Jamie and #Claire! #Outlander on IMDB!

our loversNow, I know this is a tough one for anybody who likes stories set in Scotland and/or starring Scots, but come on. JAMIE & CLAIRE! The greatest love story ever told (yeah, I went there. And I believe it, too!)

So tell the world that we love our favorite couple, and they are the best (even though Claire isn’t TECHNICALLY Scottish — she just has a little Scot in her. Heh. Dirty joke. *G*)


It’s a quick sign up, if you don’t already have an account — and you can use your FB if you want.

Yes, I KNOW Inebriation is spelled with an I, thanks!

Yes, I KNOW Inebriation is spelled with an I, thanks!

And in today’s whiskey, how about one of Sam’s favorites?


This, my friends, would be varied versions of Lagavulin. I wasn’t sure exactly WHICH one Sam liked, so I just posted a few. The 16 seems to be the most popular, from what I’ve seen. However, being the cheapskate that I am, I think I’ve only had the 12. The taste (of the 16) is described as follows by The Whiskey Exchange.

“The Islay representative in the ‘Classic Malts’ series is a deep, dry and exceptionally peaty bruiser. Probably the most pungent of all Islay malts, Lagavulin is not for the faint-hearted but inspires fanatical devotion in its many followers.”

I don’t really know about flavor beyond “good,” “yuck (I’m looking at you, gin),” and “I’m So Drunk I Don’t Care.” I somehow think that Scottish whisky (apparently I spell it wrong — when it’s crafted in Scotland, it should be whiskY, but when it’s made in the States, it’s whiskEy. Whatevs.) was WAY stronger in the 18th century, so while I’m sure quality still could vary, I don’t think Claire cared. Plus, there’s always the Rhenish. Or the Claret. Whatever’s around!

Another one I need to attribute -- anybody want to claim, or know who's it is?

(c) Killing Time aka atom1cflea@tumblr — HILARIOUS recaps!

Let’s see, how much time do we have left? I’m trying to put in a countdown clock on my blog just to depress myself every day, but WordPress is really difficult to add outside apps to. So, right now as I’m typing this, we’re looking at a desert of:

180 Days, 8 hours, and 29 minutes. Oy.


Sooo…First NON-#Outlander Saturday. Is this where we start getting a life or something?

Bah. Life.

by me

by me — it says “I am not ready” at the top.

How about a whiskey or whiskey drink a week until Jamie and Claire come back to us? This week, because it’s me, we’ve got Drambuie, in the rare, coveted Jacobite Collection I have long dreamed of. It’s right up there with a country home in the Scottish Highlands on my Things I Will Possess When I am Rich:

From the House of Drambuie Website:

house-jacobiteJacobite Collection

The Jacobite Collection is the rarest and most valuable member of the House of Drambuie. Only 150 presentation boxes have been released. The collection contains a hand-blown crystal decanter, which holds the rare blend of precious 45-year-old whiskies, infused with Drambuie’s secret recipe of herbs and spices, every detail of the design has been created to capture the craft and heritage at the heart of Drambuie.

The solid wood presentation box contains a hand-etched crystal replica of a Spottiswoode Amen glass, with a second large crystal stopper for the decanter. A letter-pressed hand-bound 32-page leather booklet, drafted by whisky writer Ian Buxton, tells the story of the Jacobite rebellion, Drambuie, its antique Jacobite glass collection and the details behind the Collection.

The teardrop lead crystal decanter takes inspiration from a mid-18th century design, with the engraving of the crown motif and intricate decorative scrollwork.

The product contains notes of vanilla, green apples and cut grass, blended with sweet honey and herbal notes, with suggestions of toffee, liquorice, fennel and cardamom. The result is a complex, sophisticated and multi-layered, before a light oaky finish with a gentle herbal glow.

Come on, how freaking GORGEOUS is that? YUM! Let’s get Sassenach Wasted! Or Clairenibriated. Or Beauchamp-Blasted. Or Fraser-Fucked… erm, although I think that may be evocative of rather other pleasant passtimes.


It’s Saturday… #OutlanderDay… and I can’t even get excited. *sigh* The Stages of Hiatus Response


While my poutlandering is mostly over, I’ve now moved on to depression and pending starvation in the Stages of Outlander Interminable Hiatus Response (it’s a distant cousin to The Stages of Grief, to which I wrote an entire FANFIC back in the day because they’re so interesting.)

Anyway, the stages:

2. Flounce
3. Sob
4. Calmly Continue to Flip Out
5. Despondent Acceptance
6. Slightly Less Despondent Acceptance
7. Further Crying
8. Mixed Tape Creation
9. Random Fandom Activity
10. Move On for 6 months, with occasional (frequent) toe dips into fandom and much sobbing and drinking (see Claire getting Sassenachwasted — tm Outlandercast — above)

There should probably be “Threats” and “Cursing” in there, but that’s against STARZ, and they don’t care.

It is sad to me that this is the first episode of Outlander I’m not excited about, even though it looks to be a great one. And while it was originally part of my flounce threatening not to watch, I honestly don’t know if I will. Maybe I’ll save it until the cold, dark halfway point of the 20 year hiatus, and have a real marathon with a little kick. But I know I’m going to want to talk about it with all my brothers and sisters — if they still love me. I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!


Oh, who am I trying to kid? I’ll totally watch it, ’cause i have no self control. That’s why I make myself sick because I eat the whole pizza, cake, pie… you get the picture.

The previews look SO GOOD. I mean, more Frank, Jamie/Claire honeymoon, learning to fight, the dragonfly in amber. *sigh* But then, to be left BEREFT! It’s like >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILERS FOR THE BOOKS FOLLOW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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#OutlanderWedding OMG TODAY’S THE DAY! *freaks out like giant weirdo dork*

(Sorry about the giant picture, I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.)

Dudes and dudettes, it has been many moons since I was this much of a freak over a TV show. There’s so much going on (and has been for the past two days), I haven’t had a chance to capture any of it in blog form! You can check out my Twitter to see most of it. (Virtual bachelorette party for Claire? FUN!) It will probably be a day or two before I get a chance to gather my thoughts *coughgetthemoutoftheguttercough* and write a post about Episode 7.

DO NOT miss Tonight’s event! There will be nerves, the first sparks of true love, unflagging joy, and FINE ASSES. (Herself said that very thing about poor Sam — he must already be struggling to get to the wild attentions from legions of fangirls and boys of a certain persuasion lavish upon him. After tonight? He just has no idea. I just wish people would keep their perving to themselves and their fangroups, and NOT CC Sam every damn thing on Twitter. Seriously, it’s embarrassing.)

This couple have been my very favorite for over 20 years, and it began in earnest with this very chapter — the one (well, two-ish) we will see onscreen tonight. Allow me to quote, because I’m sure none of  you have it all memorized by now.

SPOILERS FOR OUTLANDER (The Book and probably The Series) Continue reading

Killing Time Until My… Er… I mean JAMIE AND CLAIRE’S #OutlanderWedding on Saturday!

Go, Scotland, Go! Means "Scotland Forever" in Gaelic.

Go, Scotland, Go! Means “Scotland Forever” in Gaelic.

Much excitement in the land of my ancestors! Whatever way the vote goes, Scotland will never be the same. My rebel heart is shouting YES! (Must come from being raised on stories of fighting for freedom… and maybe being an American, whose history also includes a nation waging war to pull out from under the boot heel of the British Empire.)

BUT ANYWAY. Enough politics — let’s SQUEE LIKE FANGIRLS!

by the awesome ladies at ProfessionalFangirls.com

by the awesome ladies at ProfessionalFangirls.com

There is SO MUCH fan art, so many vids, so much general hysteria going on around this ep… I swear I’ll have a total breakdown before Saturday night. And I generally have to watch very late due to… assorted boring things that nobody cares about. LOL. The adorable previews have everyone in a tizzy (SWEET MURTAGH! AWWWWW! Ned Gowan laying… ehem… down the law about consummation! And that laugh at the end of the full preview — “Tell me about your family!” *snort*),

The wedding invite sent out by Starz and forwarded to EVERY FAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!


From outlandernetwork.com

From outlandernetwork.com

Oh, my friends, Je Suis SO Prest!

HAPPY #OUTLANDERDAY!!!! Feasgar math! (Good afternoon!)

oie_v5tjeKpZOLiVI frackin’ love that picture, man.

ANYhoo… to celebrate my very favorite day/night of the week, here is a song (by Enter the Haggis, an awesome Celtic folk rock band from Canada) that’s been on repeat on my Kindle for a couple of weeks now. For some reason, it reminds me of JAMMF. Lyrics follow. Continue reading