The Outlander Reading Challenge

The wonderful Jenn as Romance P.S. is/has been running a fun Outlander Reading Challenge from August 5th 2014 until August 30th 2015. The challenge is to read (or re-read) all the books and novella in that year’s time. Of course, at this point, it’s pretty late to start, but I started right around the premiere. I haven’t written my posts or reviews yet, or any commentary, but at some point I definitely want to. For now, I just want to post my AWARDS, because that’s how I roll. *G*























I’ve been highlighting bits here and there as I read (I’m going by ebook this time — easier on my hands, although I miss the heft and scent of my books), the ebook format really lending itself to highlighting and note-taking that paper really doesn’t. Eventually, I plan on taking out those notes and discussing them on the old blog here. Also, I want to get involved with Alastair Stevens’ Outlander Seminar — he’s reading Outlander for the first time, and there will be Discussion on a literary level. I cannot WAIT! So hopefully I’ll share some of my thinky thoughts from there, as well. So stay tuned if you want to chat with me about our favorite books!

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